Physical Therapy vs Massage Therapy

People often assume that physical therapy and massage therapy are exactly the same. Well, both the therapies have similar goals- restoring function to the human body and healing pain. But, they aren’t the same. It is crucial that you know the differences before you decide to visit a massage therapy clinic in Edmonton or a physical therapy clinic. 

Massage therapy focuses on muscles and the soft tissues in your body. Physical therapy, on the other hand, focuses on the body parts. It is about improving your body strength and enabling it to work properly. 

Physical and Massage Therapy | How are they Similar?

Whether you visit a sports massage care clinic or a physical therapy clinic, massage is common in both places. Both the therapists use hands-on soft tissue mobilisation techniques. 

Most importantly, the goals are the same. You will experience a significant reduction in pain and tension right after a few sessions. 

Now, let’s throw some light on the key differences between the two. 

What are the Differences Between a Physical and Massage Therapy Clinic in Edmonton?

Often people visit a massage therapy clinic in Edmonton when they actually needed to opt for physical therapy. This misjudgement occurs because most of you aren’t aware of the differences between the two. 

So, let’s clear the air. 

  • Responsibilities 

Massage therapy 

Have you ever been to a massage therapy clinic in Edmonton? Then you would know there is a special room designed specifically to improve your well-being and relaxation. Massage therapists often work with the same patient for years and years. It is because massage therapies also reduce depression and anxiety. 

The massage therapist also may change the type of technique depending on your condition and recovery rate. Regular massage therapy sessions reduce pain and discomfort. 

Physical therapy 

Physical therapists aim at returning the patient to their previous, healthy lifestyle. They recommend exercises to restore mobility. The exercises target specific areas and help you relieve the pain. 

  • Education 

Massage therapy 

It takes a year or less for massage therapists to qualify for a license. They complete almost 600 hours of study. They also need to go through hands-on training to be eligible for this role. 

Physical therapy 

Physical therapists, on the other hand, complete extensive education to earn their doctorate in this field. It takes almost eight to ten years for a physical therapist to earn the required degree. 

  • Approach 

Massage therapy 

Massage therapists focus on a specific area of interest. Any type of massage therapy tends to heal the body holistically. Specific massage therapists are familiar with the Far East complementary style. The approach at prosports massage care clinic is all about restoring the natural energy of the body.

Physical therapy 

The physical therapy approach is about treating obvious physical maladies. It rehabilitates the body after an injury to the muscle or joint group. 

Now that you know the major differences, make your decision wisely. Guess what? Eastgate Physiotherapy provides both physical and massage therapy right under one roof. Make the best of both worlds here.

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