How to Maintain a Healthy Posture at Work

The new work-from-home regime may have made it possible to work from the comfort of your home. But, slouching over your laptops over extended periods of time puts you at risk of musculoskeletal problems, and chronic pain and restricts long-term health. In short, working for extended hours sitting at a desk harms your posture in more ways than you can imagine. Yes, regular sessions of physiotherapy in Sherwood Park help you maintain your posture. But, there are other ways that can boost the recovery process. 

How to maintain an accurate posture at work?

Inaccurate posture not only takes a toll on your productivity but also your overall quality of life. It starts with a wrong posture. And eventually, you encounter headaches and arm tingling as well. The expert providing physiotherapy in Sherwood Park will help you correct the posture. But, here are some additional tips that will help you practice good posture habits. 

  • Bend elbow at 90 degrees while typing 

You shouldn’t have to try too hard to adjust the elbows to type. Keep the elbow at 90 degrees from the desk while typing. The arms of your chair should be at the same height. This arrangement ensures that the arms are in the optimum position. So, when you type, you don’t have to slouch over, which causes an incorrect posture. Also, keep everything that you might need while working at hand. This ensures that you don’t have to strain your arms frequently. 

  • Practice a neutral posture 

This is something even athletes have to follow at sports injuries physiotherapy in Sherwood Park. It might be hard but is necessary. The spine’s natural alignment is completely straight from head to toe. Spinal compression or muscle tension occurs when this natural alignment is hampered. 

Here are some tips to keep a natural spinal posture:

  1. Place the monitor at eye level so you don’t have to tilt your head. 
  2. Keep your back flat against the chair and pull back the shoulders. 
  3. Keep your feet flat on the ground. 

Professionals providing whiplash injury physiotherapy in Sherwood Park recommend their patients use lumbar support. You can also use the same at the office to prevent slouching, 

  • Move around frequently 

The sedentary lifestyle restricts even the movement we need to be healthy. And this results in back pain and chronic diseases. Avoid working constantly for long hours. Your back needs a break. So, take movement breaks between work and counteract symptoms of back pain successfully. 

  • Check in with yourself often 

Often, you may end up slouching without realizing that you doing so. It isn’t easy to maintain a neutral alignment posture, especially after 15 minutes of standing or sitting. Thus, you should check in with yourself to see how the body is positioned. Readjust the same as required. 

  • Consult with a physiotherapist 

Physiotherapists prepare an effective treatment plan for your posture correction. For instance, if you ask for vestibular physiotherapy in Sherwood Park, the physiotherapists also provide posture training and help you maintain a correct posture. You have to consult with a professional to know which treatment is perfect for your posture correction. 

The sedentary lifestyle is now the new norm. You cannot stop working to correct your posture. Can you? But, you can follow the right tips and take care of your posture even while working. Also, physiotherapists at Eastgate Physiotherapy are here to help you.

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