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Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park for Backache 

A Stronger Back- It’s Yours for the Making 

Here are some tips for a healthy and strong back. 

Many people view a strained or sprained back as a death sentence. They stop doing the things they once enjoyed and become less active, which leads to weight gain and more back pain.

Avoid buying into the notion that a back injury means the end of life as you know it. You can rebuild and maintain your back. Learn how your body works and how to protect your back with proper posture, good body mechanics and regular exercise. 

How Your Back Works

Your back is a complex system of bones, discs, muscles and nerves. Your spine is made up of small bones (vertebrae) and discs that form three natural curves. This S-shaped column is balanced to distribute your body weight evenly. The muscles of your back, legs and abdomen help maintain the balance. Your abdominal muscles are especially important—they act like the stays on a sailboat that help keep the mast upright. 

Good Posture

Maintaining the balance of your three natural curves is the key to good posture. Test your posture by drawing an imaginary line from your ear, past your shoulder and through your hip. If the line is straight, your back is in balance. 

Good Body Mechanics

Body mechanics is the way you use your body:

➤ Keep your back straight when you’re lifting, carrying, working, sitting, standing or lying down.

➤ Use lumbar supports to maintain your lower back curve when driving or sitting.

➤ Follow safe lifting and carrying techniques.

➤ Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees or on your back instead of your stomach.

➤ Put one foot up on a box or stool when standing for long periods.

➤ Maintain a healthy weight so your abdominal muscles don’t get stretched out of shape.


Make Exercise a Part of Your Day

This is the most important thing you can do. Following a regular fitness program will leave you feeling better than ever and help keep your back pain-free for life. Talk to your healthcare professional about an exercise program to build and maintain a healthy back and body. Your exercise program should include:

➤ stretching exercises to increase flexibility in your muscles and prevent injury.

➤ strengthening exercises for your back, leg and abdominal muscles.

➤ aerobic exercises to help keep your weight down and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your system. 

Talk with your Physiotherapist at Eastgate Physiotherapy for helpful, practical tips for healthy back.


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