Conditions We Treat


Conditions treated at Eastgate Physiotherapy

Asthma Gout Pregnancy discomforts/ pre and post natal
Arthritis Headache fibrositic/ migraine Pre / post-surgical and post-injury rehabilitation
Back pain Hemiplegia Prevention/ lessening of fibrosis
Bursitis Herniated disc Radiculopathy
Carpal tunnel syndrome Hypertension Raynaud's disease
Chronic fatigue syndrome Iliotibial band syndrome Relaxation
Chronic edema Insomnia Relief of pain
Chronic pain Jaw pain/TMJ Repetitive strain injuries
Compression syndromes Knee injury Respiratory problems (such as asthma, bronchitis and
Contusions Low Back Pain Scars
Contractures Lymphatic disorders Sciatica/ neuralgia spastic paralysis
Cramps Multiple sclerosis Sports injuries
Degenerative disc disease Muscle spasms/ strain rehabilitation Sprains/strains / ligament and joint athletic injuries
Digestive complaints/ constipation Muscular dystrophy Stiff joints
Disc disorders Neck pain/ torticollis Stress related disorders
Dislocations Neuralgia / neuritis Tendonitis/ bursitis/neuritis
Dupuytrens' contracture Osteoarthritis/ rheumatoid arthritis Thoracic outlet syndrome
Dysmennorhea Osteoporosis Whiplash disorders WAD
Edema Palliative care
Chronic fatigue Paralysis
Fibrositis and fibrosis Parkinsons
Fibromyalgia Pes planus
Foot/plantar fasciitis/ples planus - flat foot Plantar fasciitis
Fractures Poliomyelitis & post polio syndrome
Frozen shoulder Postural disorders / scoliosis

Note : This list is not exhaustive. For any condition not listed here, please call us.

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