What Are The Advantages Of Using Shoe Support Inserts In Plantar Fasciitis Conditions?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Shoe Support Inserts In Plantar Fasciitis Conditions?
Shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis are a highly proven method which is known for providing some comfort and relief to your feet. In fact, it is used as a remedy of various foot problems. It cures them. If you suffer from foot pain, regular activities such as walking and even standing can be very painful. But by using just a pair of insoles, you can improve the health of your feet. Know the mechanism of action and advantages of shoe support inserts. Mechanism Of Action When Inserting Shoe Inso...
Posted on 2022-08-17

How to Maintain a Healthy Posture at Work

The new work-from-home regime may have made it possible to work from the comfort of your home. But, slouching over your laptops over extended periods of time puts you at risk of musculoskeletal problems, and chronic pain and restricts long-term health. In short, working for extended hours sitting at a desk harms your posture in more ways than you can imagine. Yes, regular sessions of physiotherapy in Sherwood Park help you maintain your posture. But, there are other ways that can boost the r...
Posted on 2022-07-16

Physical Therapy vs Massage Therapy

People often assume that physical therapy and massage therapy are exactly the same. Well, both the therapies have similar goals- restoring function to the human body and healing pain. But, they aren’t the same. It is crucial that you know the differences before you decide to visit a massage therapy clinic in Edmonton or a physical therapy clinic.  Massage therapy focuses on muscles and the soft tissues in your body. Physical therapy, on the other hand, focuses on the body parts. It i...
Posted on 2022-05-18

Graston Technique Indications

 What conditions can be treated with the Graston technique? Indications of Graston Technique in Sherwood Park Graston Technique is an evidence-based system of treatment that has been used in many modern clinics throughout North America. GT-trained clinicians use GT instruments to effectively and efficiently address soft tissue lesions, fascial restrictions while treating acute and chronic conditions, including: Achilles Tendinitis/osis (ankle pain) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist pain)...
Posted on 2021-12-03

Graston Technique

       Graston Technique in Sherwood Park, AB What is Graston Technique? Graston Technique® (GT) is a unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively and efficiently address soft tissue lesions and fascial restrictions resulting in improved patient outcomes.GT uses specially designed stainless steel instruments with unique treatment edges and angles to deliver an effective means of manual thera...
Posted on 2021-06-26
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